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Your Addictions

When I fell into you

I thought I understood

you needed to be nurtured

you needed to be loved

It wasn't quite that simple

as your temper worsened

I sat puzzled

staring at the sea

I gave you kindness

I accepted you as you were

hoping in time you would improve

you broke everything around you

including me

I became an exile

I returned to the sea

and pondered you

It occurred to me today

a year after parting

that you attained what you wanted

you created what you needed

The only constant in your life

is the one thing I couldn't provide you

by driving me away

you loaded up your needle

and plunged it into your arm

Reveling in the pleasure

feeling hurt again

alive again

Taking you back

to the little girl you once were

and the hurt your father started

you replaced it with hurt you created

and tried to hang it on me

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