Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

They Will Never Reach Us

Wings opening

spreading a mile wide

I see their shadow below

winds lifting me higher

There are flocks of us

no chains

the power of the winds

I saw a cluster of grapes

diving to the ground

tearing from vines

carrying them to my nest

taking them one by one

squeezing them with talons

making the finest wine

There are hunters searching

they would use our feathers

to decorate themselves

avoiding them with skill

as they prepare for war

Spending time on our nests

drinking wine to celebrate our flight

let them prepare their wars

they cannot conquer

because they cannot fly

Your wings are young and small

taking them to the clouds

I made my nest with thorns

to keep them from getting to you

I mustered my strengths

pulling a tree from its roots

I flew to the river

the shores where we met

dropping the tree in the water

diverting its flow

The water gathered at the edges

beginning to rise

they spent hours trying to remove it

which provided your escape

The breezes are cold up here

keeping your lungs young and fresh

I see the strength in your breast

as it exchanges this air

I prepared this nest

so you could rest your head

safe from the ground

to nurture your eggs

They are approaching now

I see them in the Valley of the Serpent

destruction in their eyes

they have come for you

Don't fear little one

if they made it to this nest of thorns

we would disappear with the wind

casting my shadow

a mile wide

reminding them all

as we make our escape

that they will never reach us

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