Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

The Two Melodies

I was up all night

with visions raging through my mind

I didn’t see you as a villain

I didn’t see you as a queen

I saw you as another me

There was injury in what you did

Its remnants cruel and bitter

your treacherous heart intoxicated mine

and led it far away

All the questions that stayed in my mind

I complicated them all

to you it may have all been a dance

but to me it was the lighting of a fire

These brutal scars

I have never been able to hide

were created by a disappointment

that it was slightly about love

Hearts can be fallow

they can dream away the years

until another arouses them to stir

maybe yours had slumbered too long

and when our hearts met

combined to make madness

I could label you evil

and declare you a thief

to continue what I’ve done

but that would publish too brutal a tale

about this man

Possibly I’ll forgive you

dreamers really should

I’ll give it my attempt

with the hopes of full release

I’ve spent this time

setting everyone free but the boy

Eternity has passed

and I met your eyes again

the same heart and passion

seducing me all over again

she had all of your potential

but she never had your grace

familiar eyes

longing to dance

my obsession to fix her

almost ravaged me once more

I may try to call you

when I’ve had far too much wine

I talked your number out of a friend

if my ears aren’t impaired

I want to hear if you sound the same

I may be digging a trench

to hold this broken man

or I may be digging a river bed

that will fill with the rains

and deliver me safely out to sea

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr