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The Mind Of Lovers

Why doesn't he grab me

and hold me in his arms?

we have spent too much time talking

and our hearts are intertwined

If she gave me the slightest signal

so I knew how to proceed

I would touch her tenderly

but my fear is stronger than desire

Where have I failed

to capture the interest of his heart?

we have become a force together

a unified city

Being in her presence

I feel complete and whole

there is something in her eyes

assuring she wouldn't reject me

You silly man

you are still just a boy

I love that about you

but kiss me for God's sake!

Maybe I should delay this

and wait for a sure sign

with enough time on my side

I'll recognize my moment

This has become ridiculous.

Am I going to have to do this for him?

How could I endure it

if he rejected me?

Save me from myself

if I don't hold you I will die

if courageous enough to try

where would I place my hands?

I cannot leave this to this man

I would rather endure rejection

than the pain of this desire

can't he see me begging with my eyes?

I should think of something else

this is tortuous and sad

I should plan this out

for a later time

I am offering you my hand

I have placed it inside yours

don't fail me now

I have gone out on a limb

Do you see why I love you?

the grand barrier has fallen

my hands have found their way to your waist

I could devour you now

Funny man

was this all it took?

if I had known this science

I would have used it long ago

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