Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

The Kiss

Your lips tremble

As I lean in to kiss them

Your breath is short and shallow

I push your hair back with my hand

As my eyes stare into yours

My mind reels

But I stand solid on this ground

I long to taste these lips

But my attention has been divided

The scent of perfume on your neck

Stops me cold in my tracks

As I bury myself

In the nape of your neck

I have forgotten everything

Even your lips

Your body arching

Your neck has extended

To invite me like a winding road

This place I have found

Just below your ear

Holds secrets I have searched after for decades

I don’t know how long we’ve been here

I’ve lost all track of time

With each twist of your body

You invite me further

Falling deeper into this abyss

Your fingers entwined in my hair

Tugging at my roots

Reminding me I haven’t left this earth

I can feel your heart

Pounding through your chest to mine

These long ringlets of hair

Have become the only curtain

Hiding the sacredness of your breasts

I have fallen to my knees

In an act of reverence

Face to face with your navel

And it’s clear

Your womb could nourish the gods

You have defeated me with your beauty

I fear you are not of this earth

You humble yourself before this mortal

And have joined me on the ground

Eyes meeting mine

You silently reassure me

The tip of your fingers

Trace the outline of my lips

Your breath warms my skin

Your shoulders challenge the grace of Roman arches

I feel nothing and everything

I have become overwhelmed

The valley of your back

That this moonlight reveals

Provides these hands the chance

To experience perfection

I will never leave this moment

I will stay here until I die

There is nowhere left for me to go

I lay staring at the stars

Your head nestled in my chest

And wonder if this is why

Angels took the form of men

And I fear that it must be

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr