Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

The Healing

I stare out this window

the snow falling like feathers

gray skies

felling the chill in my feet

Sounds of the hospital

keeping me from resting

I don't want to sleep

I don't want to miss a thing

They placed a needle in my arm

it took me far away

making the loneliness of this place

disappear for a while

I don't know when I'm going home

they may keep me for a while

I was hoping for a visit from friends

but they never came to see me

You make friends here

that you would never meet outside

they help make the hours pass

we've shared some good laughs

They declared me insane today

the thought made me smile

the only measure of my madness

is that I think I still love you

A full day has passed

it only seemed like an hour

I've been numb so long now

time has no hold on me

If there is strength in numbers

I should feel better with my kind

but my thoughts are empty

and my skin has begun to itch

It's three in the morning

and I'm starting to feel

I pray it stops soon

and that the nurses help me

Two weeks have passed

and they are sending me home

the needles left my arms bruised

and I can't tell you the year

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