Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

The Caretaker

Please don't say you love me

I will place you too high

and declare it the greatest love

because I fear I love you too

when some mistake causes your fall

it will destroy us both

and destroy the pronouncement

that I will make

There is temptation

to keep you far away

to preserve this early stage

magical times

unseen flaws

if we stay like this

I will immortalize you in words

so the world can feel

your perfection and purity

I could reveal that twilight

I held your hand as we walked

fireflies in the air

looking at me

with the shyness of a girl

a glow in your hair

the width of your smile

Describing with poetry

the calm I feel

with you silent in my arms

if we were to love like that

my days would be consumed with fear

that you would let me down

that I would let you down

The only perfection

we have ever known

disappearing forever

call me a coward

"better to have loved and lost"

I will preserve what we own

and take pride in what I've done

The Caretaker of a masterpiece

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