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Simple Man

Forgive this tongue

it wrestles with this heart

my heart carries a list of things

it has always wanted to say

these words stall at these gates

I would tell you your lips

are the color of the finest wine

but poetry belongs in books

and a simple man is condemned

to speak simple words

Your eyes stare into mine

longing for better than I can speak

and I resent these words

that will never meet your ears

If I could write it all down

and deliver written words

you might see this heart is pure

and longs to be with yours

but poetry is for the poets

and lyrics are meant to be sung

I have nothing I can offer you

but this hand that cradles hammer and nail

it is capable of building great things

from something very small

If I could write a love letter

I would choose the finest words

I would describe

the emptiness of my hours

that occupy my days

until the time

that I can see your face again

I would tell you how

I have imagined your kiss

and the smile it brings to my face

there are also words I would dare never say

I could never tell you

of the dinner I made

for the two of us to share

and how I set your plate across from mine

and how I filled your glass with wine

and wondered what a night like that

would be like

I know if you heard of such madness

you would keep me at a distance

I should get these hands back to their


and stop dreaming these dreams

at the end of this day

I will stop by the market

to see if you are there today

I hope that nothing in my eyes

will give me away

these tired arms

will someday hold their reward

I will settle for your smile today

until I am brave enough

to use the words to convince you

that a simple man can love you

with a heart as large as the poets

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr