Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas


I woke last night at three in the morning

and reached for you

the bed was cold

you weren’t there

I sang along to my favorite song

it was your favorite too

I finished the lines alone

the meaning was gone

Friends tell me your memory doesn’t


they only try to protect my heart

and I feel strong

until the late hours

When I smell you in my pillow

and I am only half awake

I long to touch your body

but you are in someone else’s arms

I wonder if you remember

the late nights talking

when I made a fool of myself

or is that what I’m doing now?

I wonder if you saw me today

if you would recognize this man

broken but stronger

and the joy you wanted me to have

I wonder if I would recognize you

older and scared

denying what you have become

and longing for innocent times

I stare at the ceiling

but the room is black

and the feeling of being alone

is made better by the peace

you took from me

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr