Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Perfect Death

Please don’t be upset

with the trembling of these hands

you couldn’t cause this

this happened before you came here

How could I ever explain

what I need to say most?

damned and cursed at an early age

no resurrection for this soul

You embody what I wanted

the desires of long ago

you terrify me

I am depleted and broken

To open myself at this moment

and pour out the contents in your hands

could be suicide of the heart

your rejection would be death

Faust was a master

at trading one’s soul

but unlike Faust

I have given up on redemption

I have imagined you

fiction has become addiction

to lay still next to you sleeping

I could die in peace

I can’t change what I am

have lost the will to try

needing help to maintain

are you immune to this disease?

I reflect on moments

brief memories that keep me sane

help me create more

they will last a lifetime

I will bury myself tonight

the perfect death in your arms

unconscious but breathing

resting upon your clouds

Damn you now

awakening this in me

I had it neatly packed away

hidden and unread

They all wanted more than this

a weight I couldn’t carry

invest in this heart

I can exceed your expectations

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr