Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Miserable Man

This familiar addiction

is my only sense of home

these surroundings I so carefully


I thought I lost it all

That this world I had built

had been stripped from my hands

some things are impossible to steal

some places exist in eternity

You never had pride in being with me

the way I held pride in your stance

I promoted you as noble

with the hope that you would someday be

I don’t know how to sleep alone

and some nights I don’t

other nights I drink myself numb

You made us all or nothing

and I’m grateful that you did

you relieved me of the burden of choice

you mocked my madness

you magnified it as a flaw

only because you knew it was the only


that could make me strong enough to


I know you aren’t alone

you never knew how to be

I am like the Danger Bird

I fly alone

with my art and madness and addictions

aiding in my flight

I would wish you well

but I really wouldn’t mean the words

I push this barrel into my temple

because it’s the only way

to get rid of you once and for all

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr