Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Little Pebble

This cold river

runs over our heads

little pebble

I must seem

like a massive stone

The fish spend their time with us

we watch them dance

you have been at my side

for centuries now

When I look straight up

I can see the sky

the bright blue and the clouds

when the night comes

the stars scattered on black

The waters changed today

colder and faster than yesterday

I would struggle to tell you

but it's all so trivial

these simple observations

If I only had the courage

I would tell you that your beauty

has impressed me every day

and how I look forward

to the sun shining through the water

to capture your sparkle

How pleased I am

that you settled at my side

the fish have passed through

as they do each day

and the night is starting to fall

Another day has passed

I've said nothing yet again

perhaps tomorrow

when the sun breaks through the water

I'll tell you how my days are better

since you settled at my side

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