Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Little Hands

There is so much I need to do

before I can offer you these hands

if I reached for you now

I would lose my footing

and crash into the rocks below

to offer you anything but a city

I would never have the nerve

I keep my heart silent

hoping to speak at a better time

I sense your complications

reading me like a book

hands tied and unsung hearts

what a foolish tribe are we

two years may pass

before I speak my heart and mind

if you declare me unfit

it will not have been a waste of time

always rushing in head first

finding treachery and thieves

to take this walk slowly

letting seeds take root and grow

is a process of beauty

an act of the divine

there may be wisdom

in meeting me in this abyss

as I rebuild foundations

building walls of the finest woods

giving me the sense

that you are working by my side

if someday

I regain courage

I will place a selection of flowers

in your little hands

please consider keeping them

they took a lifetime to grow

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr