Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Inches From Salvation

Arriving at your door

in the middle of night

hoping you will let me in

so I could once again

indulge in your touch

your gentle hands on my skin

the grace of your curves

My breath is short

no courage to knock

I know you're on the other side

inches from my salvation

our warm bodies could create a fire

Raising my hand

to tap on your door

stopping short

my head drops downward

I cannot complete my quest

Probably drank too much

you always said that I did

bringing the pain to the surface

I know no other way

it doesn't change

the fear that consumes me now

I could wake you

to see you stand before me

maybe you would smile

inviting me into your arms

ignoring the past

a fresh start for the two of us

I never told you I loved you

I couldn’t ever pull it out

to give that to you

but maybe tonight

I will fall to my knees

declaring it to the world

I know now

with my back resting on your door

this is where I belong

I'm growing tired

my only companion

is this bottle of wine

So closing my eyes

I'll let the dawn awake me

with the satisfaction

of being this close to you tonight

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