Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Icarus WIngs

My skin has been on fire

ash and cinders of betrayal

continuing to walk

continuing to breathe

My skin has shed

revealing something raw and ugly

you know me

from the music that destroys me

Standing tall and invincible

nothing has killed me

attempting my own slaughter

I proved I could not die

I poisoned the poisons

breaking bones with bare hands

you have attacked me

for being who I am

I deny none of it

I am freer than you

the future is the same as today

it has all become the same

I may die tomorrow

if I have nothing else to do

everything has become better

and worse as well

Nothing left to conquer

no demons to consume

the challenges aren't the same

the beasts that mauled me

have been kept safely away

All that's left

is the weight on these shoulders

repeating over and over

becoming a dance of its own

I will tear the feathers from great birds

and build Icarus wings

with an outcome much the same

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