Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Don't Ask Me To Save You

I stand in line

for my turn at crucifixion

offering myself years ago

I was placed in this line

Don't ask me to save you

I can't even save myself

no direction to point you

I am not your savior

If you stand in front of me

I will grab your shoulders

and turn you south

I will tell you

that is your direction to walk

and I will turn

and walk to the north

You started with more than I

probably much more

I am no saint

all sinner

bandit one and all

if you ask me for bread

I will hand you a stone

I would never seek to ruin you

no intention to do you harm

they tried to kill me

my only shield

is that I don't seem to die

Run on your own legs

they are stronger than my own

I will cheer you on from here

I can barely walk anymore

I picked a fight

with a true warrior

you called me brave

and declared me king

neither were true

I was just idle

with nowhere left to turn

Like a playful Puck

I lit fuses and laughed

from a distance

as the sparks flew

and everyone screamed

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