Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Dance Of The Fools

Send this day away

I am ready for night

there is no peace to be found here

you have the same look in your eyes

we can both keep drinking

and deny what has brought us both here

this song is breaking my heart

why would they play this song?

you sense the tearing at my soul

holding out your hand

offering me a dance

without words exchanged

my heart is not dancing with you

allowing me this indulgence

your heart doesn't dance with mine

this loneliness could unhinge us

something better was meant

for these two hearts

we shared the fortunes

that reside in our chests

with smaller minds who spent it all

and so little remains from their theft

even if we combined

what we have left between us

it would never be enough to purchase

a new beginning for ourselves

My hand on your back

as we begin to dance

your hand caressing my shoulder

we are strong

we are broken

Your eyes meet mine

looking down with an embarrassed grin

still a teenage girl at heart

Can you show me where you go

I want to live

but not like this

beautiful vases

broken and glued back in place

The song is ending


waiting for the next

taking too long

and I want to run

struggling to catch my breath

pressing your head into my neck

feelings I wished to never have again

You are living

you are breathing

your heart is just like mine

lost my strength to hope

kissing your forehead

telling you I'll be right back

I step outside

and never return

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr