Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Cool Breezes At My Back

The devil resides here

this place where I go

my eyes no longer see color

blackness drips from these walls

The blueprints of betrayal

were designed in this place

I sit alone in my darkness

staring out a window

into ash and smoke

Please don't speak to me

that's not why I came

I sense your hands on my shoulders

whispering in my ear

Please don't try to convince me

I belong in this place

I never chose to come here

that would be a madness

even I could never comprehend

You whisper It never gets better

as I try to shake you off

you were damned here

this really was your choice

I hate this place

there are things I need to do

you are wasting your time

I will never partner with you

your appetite is greedy

I would only nourish you for a moment

they say you were once beautiful

but your days of glory gone

Your chance at redemption

eternity has passed

you would like for me to stay here

to justify your fate

I long for strength to stand

but the weight on these shoulders

holds me in this chair

I think you like it here

you made this place your home

I have failed in love

but at least I could define it

I am done here

I am going to leave

I know I don't belong up there

where others seem to fly

But this is not my place

and I've grown so tired of you

my strength may reside in madness

but I'm beginning to walk away

Seeing you in the corner of my eye

as your attention turns to another

I am walking again

with cool breezes at my back

I see you far off in the distance now

may we never meet again

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr