Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Blood And Violence

You came again last night

predictable and on time

taking me on journeys

places far from here

Have mercy on me

I had forgotten about you

reminding me with vengeance

you are still alive

I used to fear our time

wondering what it revealed

it has all become process

visiting past faces

Every element of fear

that exists in this world

condensed into one visit

You owe me better than this

for all the nights we shared

bring me beauty

My vision is skewed

for the remainder of the day

blood and violence

coating the skin of my eyes

Dark places

confused events

coveting the hours

altering my art

Changing days make me wonder

if your time is shared with others

I taste jealousy

with the thought you may be

Fear no longer grips me

the nights you arrive

I know your game now

you would have killed me years ago

I search for the clues

the hidden pieces

hundreds of statements

from present and past

Key figures

beware that someday

I reveal this secret

and remove the power that towers over me

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