Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas


The midnight field

lit only by the moon

even as a boy

I knew your origin

Descending from clouds

your form that of a man

translucent green

you had grace and power

There could be no denying

your intentions to infect me

you created breezes

with your movement in the sky

In my darkest hours you appeared

offering me your hand

I would like to forget that now

but I know you are still here

Trapped in the embrace of dreams

taking me to grand altars

cable tow and blindfold

you initiated me

You sent men to find me

to protect me in their fold

knowing I couldn't confirm

you have observed that from the start

I wonder what's next

but I'm not leaving that to you

we are parallel

but not the same

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr