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Beautiful Heart

Your beautiful heart

puts mine to shame

I can see the way you look at children

and it makes me feel like a child

Our eyes meet across the room

we exchange a smile

and I wonder from where I sit

why no one else has ever seen

what I am seeing tonight

You remind me of something

that I wish I could forget

because hope can be cruel

and it’s been so long

since I’ve seen a beautiful heart

With my endless words

and late night talk

I get the sense

that you would be content with silence

I have nothing in my pockets

I don’t even know what’s left of my heart

but I fear it will never be enough

to offer to a heart like yours

I have always longed for a love like yours

something simple and solid

where empty promises have no stand

and a gentle touch says more than words

But I fear that I am a fool

and I am damned to be alone

and will have to watch in silence

as a far better man catches your eye

If you knew my mistakes

and the madness I’ve known

you would protect your heart

and never look my way again

and I wouldn’t blame you a bit

I should leave you to a better man than I

there is a gentleness you possess

that will never be rightfully mine

but as selfish as I may be

I will hope in secret

Even fools can hope

and I won’t deny my fate

but if there is one moment in my life

where I can feel the warmth of your hand

none of this will have been in vain

To cradle you in my arms

as the sun slowly fades

to wake to your smile

and sober to the fact

that you will always be mine

is enough to make the risk worthwhile

My heart has never strayed

even when it belonged to one that did

if that has value to yours

I would like to offer you that reward

it seems a worthless commodity these days

When I face my last days

hopefully wiser than this day

it would be a comfort to my heart

to have yours standing next to me

All Content Copyright © Sean Starr