Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

A Love Letter To Death

I stand here on your doorstep

looking at the warm fire through the


I have been here far too many nights

Those years we walked hand in hand

were beautiful years

there weren’t any lingering questions

the future was well known

You stood by my side

waiting for your reward

as gravity pulled me to the bottom

You sat patiently beside my hospital bed

waiting for your chance

to have me all to yourself

When my heart went empty

while holding a lover’s cheating hand in


you started to prepare our bed

You gave me peace, and your familiar face

calmed me always

you seduced me with the promise of

peaceful rest

There are days still, when I miss your smell

I see you resembled in the face of friends

We had our secret plans

we had agreed on what was best

I relied on your strength

when I knew mine was spent

No need to shed tears

no need to cry out loud

you taught me that without saying a word

You convinced me of something

that wasn’t quite true

you took from me my right to feel

I see the sadness in your eyes now

and you don’t want to let go

but you will return to collect your


And I will stand ready, with arms

stretched wide

and you can take me to our bed

that you made years ago

and hold me as I give in to your promised


All Content Copyright © Sean Starr