Maloney & Starr Sign Painter Gallery

Sign Painter Pop Art Gallery in Taylor, Texas

Great Big Ideas

She has great big ideas

about the clouds hanging over your head

she feels things

you can’t see with your eyes

she can calm you with a touch

and lift you with a smile

Angels Overhead

As angels fly overhead

you wonder what they think of all of this

Do they look upon me with pity?

Am I viewed in disgust?

the demons walk amongst us

as I stumble

I can hear them laugh

Single Effort

Don't fear me

you are tiny

petite like a bird

but a bird can soar

where this ox could never go

perhaps we could get together

we could make a deal

combine our strengths

into a single effort

I would like to spend

my time with you

to learn what you know

Blood And Violence

You came again last night

predictable and on time

taking me on journeys

places far from here

Have mercy on me

I had forgotten about you

reminding me with vengeance

you are still alive

I used to fear our time

wondering what it revealed

it has all become process

visiting past faces

Every element of fear

that exists in this world

condensed into one visit

You owe me better than this

for all the nights we shared

bring me beauty

My vision is skewed

for the remainder of the day

blood and violence

coating the skin of my eyes

Dark places

confused events

coveting the hours

altering my art

Changing days make me wonder

if your time is shared with others

I taste jealousy

with the thought you may be

Fear no longer grips me

the nights you arrive

I know your game now

you would have killed me years ago

I search for the clues

the hidden pieces

hundreds of statements

from present and past

Key figures

beware that someday

I reveal this secret

and remove the power that towers over me


There are thoughts that develop

and thoughts that explode

women that grow in your heart

and women that destroy you at first sight

the pain can be horrible.



People Like Us

I know you

I saw it in your eyes

the first time we met

you come from the same place as I

That place you try to forget

pretending you don't know

but I know you

and you know me too

I could tell the way you watched me

the night that we met

scared I would expose you

and reveal who you are

No need to worry

you have to keep in mind

that people like us

are connected at the roots

The Executioner

This room has no order

canvas hanging motionless on the walls

enter The Executioner

clothing covered

with the remnants of his crimes

making no apologies

for what he does next

past lovers and friends

have met their fate here

the music blares

and drowns out the screams

He mixes his poisons

sharpening blades

staring at his victims

eyes rolling back

thinking of days

filled with lies and betrayal

unrevealed for years

Eyes reopened

The slaughter begins

cold utensils and wicked poisons

hands covered

flowing colors drip

preserving moments

documented as history

They declared it as beauty

filling romantic hearts

inspiration ensued

but in the end

it was the product of slaughter

casualties of profane murders

birth spawned from death


Turn up the fire

turn it up higher...

you only refine me

making me stronger

The cream is rising

tempering me

galvanizing me

I laugh at you

You have failed

you haven't killed me

crippled me more than once

but I still stand

You can't stop me

no one can

I would call you a fool

but you know precisely what you do

You confine me to boundaries

set in stone at my birth


determining outcomes

I challenge you

you love me for that

let the slaughter begin

this could be your end

I will not submit

I will not retreat

rivers are not diverted

simply by plan

sheer will alters all things

I carry a wealth of it

A Night With Absinthe

Treachery and corruption

your wicked hands

wrapped around my neck

with the very first taste

You made me brave

you made me bold

you sucked me dry

and made me old

I never want to see you again

not even the faintest smell

you made a lifelong enemy tonight

you tried to kill me

and I did what I could

to rid my body of your poison

The devil himself

must have created you

a hellish and unholy mix

a forbidden fruit

with just as painful reward

my madness lay dormant until now

Each hour that passes

I tell myself you'll soon be gone

yet I sit in fear

that my course has been altered

Say Nothing

Your eyes tell the story

of people unkind

and the efforts you made to please them

and how you were left behind

the moments may never

get better for you and I

If we could take this night to talk

I would choose to say nothing

and let the music fill me

and hold you in my arms

until the dawn

The sun is going down

and the crickets have started to sing

and the weight is off our shoulders

The Mind Of Lovers

Why doesn't he grab me

and hold me in his arms?

we have spent too much time talking

and our hearts are intertwined

If she gave me the slightest signal

so I knew how to proceed

I would touch her tenderly

but my fear is stronger than desire

Where have I failed

to capture the interest of his heart?

we have become a force together

a unified city

Being in her presence

I feel complete and whole

there is something in her eyes

assuring she wouldn't reject me

You silly man

you are still just a boy

I love that about you

but kiss me for God's sake!

Maybe I should delay this

and wait for a sure sign

with enough time on my side

I'll recognize my moment

This has become ridiculous.

Am I going to have to do this for him?

How could I endure it

if he rejected me?

Save me from myself

if I don't hold you I will die

if courageous enough to try

where would I place my hands?

I cannot leave this to this man

I would rather endure rejection

than the pain of this desire

can't he see me begging with my eyes?

I should think of something else

this is tortuous and sad

I should plan this out

for a later time

I am offering you my hand

I have placed it inside yours

don't fail me now

I have gone out on a limb

Do you see why I love you?

the grand barrier has fallen

my hands have found their way to your waist

I could devour you now

Funny man

was this all it took?

if I had known this science

I would have used it long ago



growing in this desert

where were you, when I struggled here?

your songs well up from the depths

You moved me

I clung to you

when no one would cling to me

you became my secret friend

When they attacked your words

you stood your ground

the quality was in your verse

the passion in your voice

Beautiful Abyss

Falling deeper

this beautiful abyss

each time I allow myself

to think of you

You complicate me

loneliness is simple


but predictable

Your eyes stare right through me

confronting me when I falter

your strength resides

where my weakness dwells

Each time I see you

and your attention is somewhere else

it drags me in deeper

be cautious with my heart

They Will Never Reach Us

Wings opening

spreading a mile wide

I see their shadow below

winds lifting me higher

There are flocks of us

no chains

the power of the winds

I saw a cluster of grapes

diving to the ground

tearing from vines

carrying them to my nest

taking them one by one

squeezing them with talons

making the finest wine

There are hunters searching

they would use our feathers

to decorate themselves

avoiding them with skill

as they prepare for war

Spending time on our nests

drinking wine to celebrate our flight

let them prepare their wars

they cannot conquer

because they cannot fly

Your wings are young and small

taking them to the clouds

I made my nest with thorns

to keep them from getting to you

I mustered my strengths

pulling a tree from its roots

I flew to the river

the shores where we met

dropping the tree in the water

diverting its flow

The water gathered at the edges

beginning to rise

they spent hours trying to remove it

which provided your escape

The breezes are cold up here

keeping your lungs young and fresh

I see the strength in your breast

as it exchanges this air

I prepared this nest

so you could rest your head

safe from the ground

to nurture your eggs

They are approaching now

I see them in the Valley of the Serpent

destruction in their eyes

they have come for you

Don't fear little one

if they made it to this nest of thorns

we would disappear with the wind

casting my shadow

a mile wide

reminding them all

as we make our escape

that they will never reach us


The midnight field

lit only by the moon

even as a boy

I knew your origin

Descending from clouds

your form that of a man

translucent green

you had grace and power

There could be no denying

your intentions to infect me

you created breezes

with your movement in the sky

In my darkest hours you appeared

offering me your hand

I would like to forget that now

but I know you are still here

Trapped in the embrace of dreams

taking me to grand altars

cable tow and blindfold

you initiated me

You sent men to find me

to protect me in their fold

knowing I couldn't confirm

you have observed that from the start

I wonder what's next

but I'm not leaving that to you

we are parallel

but not the same

Divine Journey

I stand beside you and tremble

not knowing which words to choose

trying to cover over with jokes and wit

but I sense that you know what you do

our friends think it's funny

to torment us with words

I can't condemn them

I would probably do the same

Knowing heartache this well

I could navigate it in my sleep

but a journey of the divine?

I don't even know where to begin

Lifeless And Vacant

I remember your arms

you carved them with a piece of glass

all the others had gone to bed

you kept me up all night

My mind reeling from pills

yours from being heard for the first time

asking me to join you for a cigarette

they wouldn’t let me leave the floor

We laughed at the lunatics

playing games and jigsaw puzzles

your eyes met mine with a grin

hiding a puzzle piece in your hand

Thinking to myself

of being with you

ignoring who we were

where we were

Hearing you scream in the middle of the night

the nurses rushed into your room

staring out my window

wondering if you were gone

Sitting with you at breakfast

I was excited until I noticed

your food untouched

your eyes lifeless and vacant

Don't Ask Me To Save You

I stand in line

for my turn at crucifixion

offering myself years ago

I was placed in this line

Don't ask me to save you

I can't even save myself

no direction to point you

I am not your savior

If you stand in front of me

I will grab your shoulders

and turn you south

I will tell you

that is your direction to walk

and I will turn

and walk to the north

You started with more than I

probably much more

I am no saint

all sinner

bandit one and all

if you ask me for bread

I will hand you a stone

I would never seek to ruin you

no intention to do you harm

they tried to kill me

my only shield

is that I don't seem to die

Run on your own legs

they are stronger than my own

I will cheer you on from here

I can barely walk anymore

I picked a fight

with a true warrior

you called me brave

and declared me king

neither were true

I was just idle

with nowhere left to turn

Like a playful Puck

I lit fuses and laughed

from a distance

as the sparks flew

and everyone screamed

Your Addictions

When I fell into you

I thought I understood

you needed to be nurtured

you needed to be loved

It wasn't quite that simple

as your temper worsened

I sat puzzled

staring at the sea

I gave you kindness

I accepted you as you were

hoping in time you would improve

you broke everything around you

including me

I became an exile

I returned to the sea

and pondered you

It occurred to me today

a year after parting

that you attained what you wanted

you created what you needed

The only constant in your life

is the one thing I couldn't provide you

by driving me away

you loaded up your needle

and plunged it into your arm

Reveling in the pleasure

feeling hurt again

alive again

Taking you back

to the little girl you once were

and the hurt your father started

you replaced it with hurt you created

and tried to hang it on me

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